We are awesome at:

We Are StartUp Huggers

Seriously! We travel around the country, walk into offices, hug with all our heart and…leave.

Did You Know that a 20 Minutes hug = 1.3 Advil?

Ok, Let's rewind.
Everyone loves startups.
Everyone wants to be  part of a startup.
Everyone has super groundbreaking ideas waiting to burst.
You are young, super cool, entrepreneurs.
You even have that charming geek-chic.
You dream big. You dare. You are the phoenix.
Your are an inspiration and the poster-child of the startup nation. We love startups.
We know that with the right amounts of daring, audacity, learning and brain- you will make it. We are here to allow you to focus on all of that.

One More Thing

We are REALLY good at what we do

We See Thousands Of CVs > We Recruited Hundreds Of Tech Positions > We Consult Managers

Our Happy Campers