We are awesome at:

We Are StartUp Huggers

Seriously! We travel around the country, walk into offices, hug with all our heart and…leave.

Did You Know that a 20 Minutes hug = 1.3 Advil?

Ok, Let's rewind.
Everyone loves startups.
Everyone wants to be  part of a startup.
Everyone has super groundbreaking ideas waiting to burst.
You are young, super cool, entrepreneurs.
You even have that charming geek-chic.
You dream big. You dare. You are the phoenix.
Your are an inspiration and the poster-child of the startup nation. We love startups.
We know that with the right amounts of daring, audacity, learning and brain- you will make it. We are here to allow you to focus on all of that.

One More Thing

We are REALLY good at what we do

  • We Are Problem Solvers
  • We Tick at a StartUp Pace
  • We HeadHunt During Pilates
  • We Drink Spirulina and Devops Shake For Breakfast
  • We Live And Breathe Technical Recruitment
  • We're Efficient, Sharp and Graceful

We See Thousands Of CVs > We Recruited Hundreds Of Tech Positions > We Consult Managers

Our Happy Campers